How to invest in the United States stock market?

If you are from Europe and you are thinking about investing in the stock market and you wonder how to invest in the United States stock market? Read on for the next article. To begin, we will indicate the 3 most important stock exchanges in the United States

How to invest in the United States stock market?

First, we will show you which are the Main Stock exchanges in the United States:

Stock exchange new York (new York Stock exchange-nYSe), is the largest market in the world and the first companies. It is based in the Wall Street building with approximately 21 offices.

nASDAQ (national Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation), is the second largest automated stock market in the United States. It has a larger hourly stock volume exchange than any other exchange in the world. Includes high-tech, telecommunications, and computer companies.

American Stock exchange (AMeX) – American Stock exchange (AMeX), this exchange is located in new York, it is not as well known as the other mentioned exchanges, however, this exchange trades with companies that are medium and small compared to others..

To invest in them, you must do it in the following ways:

Invest through a broker

To invest in the United States, you can do it through a broker or stockbroker. Currently there are many authorized, so you must choose the one that suits you best. If you are in Latin American countries, you can access the following brokers:

TD Ameritrade: $ 400 minimum deposit. It is one of the brokers most recognized for its track record with north American markets for having low commissions.

Tradeking: minimum deposit of $ 500. This platform is one of the safest that exists and also has customer service and competitive costs in the market.

Ninja trader: minimum deposit of $ 500. This broker is mainly based on indices with commodity transactions.

e-Trade: minimum deposit of $ 500. This platform is easy to use, ideal if you are starting in the world of investments.

Interactive broker: minimum deposit of $ 10,000. This stockbroker offers low costs and safe investments, giving you access to almost 130 markets worldwide.

Currently there is an application, which is designed for people who want to invest in other countries, the only thing you will need is to have a cell phone and the internet.

This application allows you to make investments from $ 1, in addition to this it operates through a broker located in the USA. App requires a monthly commission of $ 1 and has a limit, that is, until the interested party reaches $ 3,000. You can invest in technology and the Internet, such as: Tesla, Amazon, Google and Facebook.

As you can see, there are many options to invest in the United States, it depends on the option you choose. We hope this information has been very useful.

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